Where the antelope roam

I had to take my state boards in Wyoming. Ok, but I had to take them somewhere and Wyoming meant a small roadtrip. Sounds like a long way but Casper is only about 4 hours north. I went up Hwy 287 to Wyoming 487 to Wyoming 220 into the west side of Casper.
Along the way I saw this....a mother antelope with twins. She was cautious but not terribly afraid. Everybody say-Awwww they're so cuuute! They're hard to see in the picture (if you click on the picture, it'll get bigger)but that's the point of being a living antelope. Blending in and living.

A short snow fence tutorial for those who haven't seen them. They're all across the west but now they're planting cedar trees as living snow fences. I always thought that the snow dropped behind them but actually the fences break the wind's path and the snow drops in front of the fences.

I thought this wood would be great to build a house out of because it certainly has been seasoned. Not sure which mountains those are in the background.

I was so busy taking pictures of the snow fence that I missed this guy until he started to run. I had a short video but it came out very, very blurry. Kind of like the Bigfoot video only worse. Sooo.. you get to pretend that you can see him running. Think very fast, agile and graceful.

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