It's not spring yet but it's not snowy....  winter is different here in Southern California.  There are cool days, windy days, a few rainy days, but so far, no COLD days.  Colorado was beautiful but I got sooo tired of being cold but it was home (but then, so was Florida).  Here, flowers continue to bloom, trees are still green, birds sing.  The orange tree is getting ready to blossom and yesterday I picked a tomato from an 8 month old tomato plant.  The hummingbirds are here all year long.  I finally got around to putting up a feeder and two are fighting over it.  So, I hung up two.  More to fight over perhaps.

I definitely have a love/dislike relationship with where we live.  There are good-yep, this is great weather, scenery, places to go moments and depressing-nope, dislike this dusty, dry, crowded place moments.  Rarely have I had such a mixture of reactions to a place.


Christmas in Santa Barbara

Since we have no family here in CA, even though we were invited to others homes, we decided to go 'away' for Christmas.  At first we had reservations for a BnB but then acquired a new dog so motel it was.  La Quinta takes dogs so we stayed downtown Santa Barbara.  I ordered half a ham, made some small versions of our usual side dishes and packed them up.  We looked like the Clampetts in a Honda Si but whatever...

It was a very artful, pretty town.  The staff at La Quinta were friendly, helpful, and patient.  Brett was ill for a day and a half so Christmas was low key but still we had fun.  A walk to the wharf, a walk with Jenny to the nearest park, and a drive along Hwy 1, some shopping in a few great stores.  We had fish n chips at Mac's Fish n Chips and the best Cajun food we've had lately on the way back home.  I'll have to look up the name of the place.  It was wonderful!  I trust YELP and they never disappoint.

A few pics of the trip....

Jenny looking pitiful but actually she likes the kennel.

An older part of the road.  A fish ladder was underneath.

Cajun food.  OMG good.

One of the statues downtown.
Beautiful tiles


Over two years...

Obviously, I took a break from blogging.  It seemed to become a chore instead of a connection so I quit for a while.  Now, for some reason, I think I may start again.

So many changes in two years.  Brett had an opportunity for a new job in a new state.  We moved. To southern California.

On the negative side, SoCal was not somewhere I particularly wanted to live.

We bought a motorhome to live in and the company we bought it from went bankrupt two weeks later.  A lot of money we put out for an extended warranty and treatment extras, poof, up in smoke.

California took forever (6 months) to get me my nursing license.

Tonka had to be euthanized due to a mast cell tumor. (Tears)

Brett's job has been a roller coaster, the company was taken private and it looked for a while as if we'd be shut down.

There are oodles of other smaller problems that seem large and ominous in a strange, new place but those are the biggest.

On the positive side, California has friendly people and some beautiful country.

At least the motorhome was in our possession.  There are some still in the service shop, locked up and unavailable to those who own them.

We got another dog, Jenny, who is sweet, almost deaf, and just an all around good dog.

Living in a motorhome is kind of freeing because there's not much to clean or maintain.

I got a job QCing the designer's jobs at Brett's office while waiting on CA to get their act together.

The business seems to be settling in and finally getting its stride.

I got medical insurance back so can work part-time (and perhaps per diem/PRN) and still have health insurance.

I don't LOVE where we live but I do like the opportunity to be near so much variety.

There are oodles of smaller bonuses that make a strange, new place interesting and exciting.

Basically, life in general has been happening and two years is too much to catch up on in one post.