We live in an RV now, homes are too expensive and we're too old to pay down a large mortgage....nor do I want to have a large mortgage.  RV life is fine, B. rents a working shop where he works on his cars and I get the office for my stuff so creativity isn't a problem.  Except for motivation, but that's another subject....

Anyway.  Living in an RV park where a lot of the residents are permanent is pretty interesting.  Entertaining may be a better word. Amusing might be even better.  Weird also comes to mind.  We have characters here, oodles of characters.

There is (in no particular order except that the further from us geographically the less we are likely to know them well); Cat Man, Heffe (Juan Carlos right-hand man), Big Mama, Big Daddy (Big Mama and Big Daddy aren't together, I thought they were but Big Mama is married to Big Mama's husband not Big Daddy-got it?), The Drug Dealer, Bo's Mama, Bo's Daddy (Bo is a black dog Jenny is VERY interested in but his parents aren't with each other either...that's just what we call them), Flat-Faced Dumb Shit Dog and his owner, The Bus Driver, his wife and daughter, The Park Admin and The Asshole That Drives the Maroon Truck (TATDMT), the unnamed 94 y.o. man who wears the same clothes all the time...., and assorted critters.

I'll update on them individually to keep each post from being too long.

Meanwhile, it's spring here and the days are beautiful and everything is blooming. I'd load a picture but haven't synced my phone lately...motivation again.  I think I have spring fever.  Or old age.  Could be old age.  Nah, spring fever it is.