It's not spring yet but it's not snowy....  winter is different here in Southern California.  There are cool days, windy days, a few rainy days, but so far, no COLD days.  Colorado was beautiful but I got sooo tired of being cold but it was home (but then, so was Florida).  Here, flowers continue to bloom, trees are still green, birds sing.  The orange tree is getting ready to blossom and yesterday I picked a tomato from an 8 month old tomato plant.  The hummingbirds are here all year long.  I finally got around to putting up a feeder and two are fighting over it.  So, I hung up two.  More to fight over perhaps.

I definitely have a love/dislike relationship with where we live.  There are good-yep, this is great weather, scenery, places to go moments and depressing-nope, dislike this dusty, dry, crowded place moments.  Rarely have I had such a mixture of reactions to a place.

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