Fun with Forrest and Linda

Forrest (yep, named for Forrest Gump) is an 11 year old Clydesdale that my friend Linda owns.  He's small as Clydesdales go. Only a couple thousand pounds. 

He likes carrots, apples, peppermints and horse cookies.  He HATES celery and whipped cream.  We know because we tried to feed it to him. 

He took the celery in his mouth and ppfft! spit it out.  Thinking he'd just never had it before, we tried again.  Ppfft! 

The whipped cream was from Starbucks and she held the cup up to his nose.  He smelled it and turned his head, curling his lips up in disgust.  She smeared some on his lips and it was the one time Forrest probably wished he had hands to wipe off his mouth.  He dropped his head, shook his head and finally licked it off but the ewww expression was clear on his face.

He gets lots of attention, especially when he's parked in a parking spot in front of Starbucks. We were kind of our own parade, waving at kids and barking dogs.
This is his My Favorite Martian look.  No ears, head, just antennae.

Me.  Trying to look like I know what I'm doing. 

Forrest hadn't pulled the cart in a year and was a tad lazy. He'd be cantering down the road....and stop. He'd stop....and try to turn around to go home.

Ears forward now.  We're on the way home to carrots and cookies!
Back to the barn for a bath.

I enjoyed the trip and appreciated Linda asking me to go along.

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