Ok, I think it's official...it's an early winter.  Gonna be a long one.  I-25 closed from North Colorado to the Wyoming border.  I-70 closed from Denver east to the Kansas border.  I-76 (which is just right outside Sterling) closed both directions from Nebraska to Denver area.  Finally the westbound lanes opened but eastbound is still closed.  State troopers are leading groups of semis east but no cars.

Left work early yesterday because there was a blizzard warning.  It was snowing and blowing drifts across the road.  Wasn't too bad in the daylight but if I'd waited later it would've been pretty bad.  A little ice on the windshield in the corner.

A few pictures from the road.  Sorry they're poor but I couldn't stop to play tourist.  :-)

And there's one of Abby in the snow "ditch" Brett dug for her so Princess wouldn't be lost in the snow.  And one of the twirly with snow.

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  1. There are lots of black woolly caterpillars around these parts. A bad winter to come!