A View of Northeastern Colorado

The town I currently live in is a farming/railroad town.  It has a large group of older people and Hispanic population.  Since it's a college town there's also young people with a scattering of people my age and slightly younger.

I walk in Centennial Park.  It's right on Hwy 6 across from a feed mill and a set of the many railroad tracks that run through town.  The park is very well kept with some huge old trees (white oaks, cottonwoods, cedar, douglas firs, catalpas and what looks to be some dogwood type shrubs).  Lots of green grass, a couple of pavilions, picnic tables, a playground and heated bathrooms (which is great when it's thirty degrees outside and you have to pee).

The grass is still green even though last week it had 4" of snow on top of it.  Tough stuff.

Some of the trees have leaves and some don't because fall hadn't quite gotten here when we had our first snow.  Some trees completely lost their leaves (they dropped off green) while others are still attached but brown.  Not much color here this fall.

There's sculpture in the park and across the street is an interesting sight.  I'll show that in a later post.

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