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I walked in Centennial Park this morning.  It was about 36deg but bright and sunny.  There were several other walkers, joggers and dog walkers out there.  36 degrees here, when the wind isn't blowing, feels like about 60 in Florida.  Cool but not freezing.

Across the street from the park is a HUGE mound of sugar beets.  Yup, sugar beets.  I'm not sure what they're going to do with them since they're out in the snow and cold.  Won't they freeze?  And maybe that's ok??  Got no idea and haven't had the time to go look someone up and ask.

On a side note I like the sound that moves down the trains when they've been standing still and the engine starts to pull.  The clicks, clacks and groans move down the cars like domino sounds.  Tickticksnapclank tickticksnapclank.

The big mound of stuff is sugar beets.  It stretches from the left of the tanks to beyond the conveyor belt they're using.

A closeup.  See the beets spilling off of the end of the conveyor?

Just one of the local water towers.

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