Small farms and snowy travel

In January I traveled to Florida via Louisiana to see some relatives.  My aunt and her husband have a small farm where they raise cows, pigs, chickens and a truck garden.  He milks the cows and she makes butter.  They sell the extra eggs and butter and milk.  They kill the hogs in the fall and they become bacon, sausage, hams, etc. that he smokes in his smokehouse.  Their garden is across the highway from where they live and they plant sweet potatoes, peas and beans in the summer which they sell out of very quickly.  For fall they have squash and other crops. 

I never knew they had a donkey.  His name is Jack.  He was bought to use to plow with but Johnnie said he was skittish and he couldn't train him to pull.  Jack is a little hesitant but very curious so he ate bread out of my hand.  One of the cows is VERY pregnant and I think will have twins.  The pigs are spoiled rotten and get special treatment so they'll taste good later.

It's a simple hardworking life and I am amazed at what these two 80 something year olds are capable of accomplishing.

It SNOWED while I was there....and I left Colorado to get warm....

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