(I wrote this before the trip to New Zealand and forgot to post it)

It's been busy....

I passed my boards for my RN!  Whew!  Yahoo! Two years of non-stop stress was worth it.  Love the job, even though I NEVER, EVER thought I'd be a nurse.  I like earning money again....  Grateful for Brett's help and support and my friends support and for everyone putting up with being left out for two years so I could focus.

Abby had a huge tumor in her spleen which was removed two weeks ago.  It weighed almost 4lbs and she only weighed 33 before the sugery.  That's like a 150lb person carting around an 18lb tumor.  Even though she's old (11 yrs)(REALLY old for a bulldog) she was in good health otherwise so we decided to let them operate.  She's done really well and interestingly....her front leg that was giving her trouble (it was bowed way out and she would barely walk on it) is much better.  We think the tumor was pushing the joint out of place.  So now she walks better too.  I'm including a picture of the tumor so if you don't like that kind of stuff just don't go all the way to the bottom of the post.

I've been making dog coats since commercial sweaters never quite fit them.  A picture of those too.
Gotten lots of sewing done.  Clothing repairs, pillows for the couch, a cover for Brett's console in his car.  Framed some pictures.  I love pictures and would have all the walls covered but it'd look pretty strange I guess.  Have knitted some, crocheted some.  Cleaned, rearranged, redecorated some of the house.  Generally having a life again after 2 solid years of not having one.

The trip to New Zealand is coming up next week!!!!!  We're both getting excited.  Brett has been on Google Earth and will have the towns memorized by the time we get there.  It will be so wonderful to get to travel half way around the world and see what there is to offer.  I want to see black sand beaches (they're magnetic!!) , the different birds, animals, plants, yarn.  Meet people and sample the local food and customs.  Cannot wait.

I have a Nookcolor and love it!  Got it for my birthday and it has internet access.  Sooo, it's going to NZ instead of a laptop.  I've loaded all my pictures and music so can eliminate my I-pod.  Haven't figured out if I can load my pictures on there directly from the camera....probably not because it doesn't have supporting software for a lot of things but will try to figure it out.

Going to eat at Texas de Brazil tonight in celebration of passing my test!  ALL kinds of meat, veggies, etc.  A carnivore's smorgasboard.

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