Up in the mountains

Last week I drove up to the mountains for a little of nature's peace.

This muley was walking down the middle of a stream but was out and on the bank by the time I stopped. She was wary but calm and watched me while I watched her.

I saw my first water ouzel. Two had a nest with chicks who were almost as big as them. They build nests just above flowing water, protect a length of a stream or river. There were 3 or 4 chicks but only one came out to bob up and down in true water ouzel style. Mom and dad were in constant motion trying to keep them fed.

Late summer flowers were blooming and there were wild raspberries and black currants.

This chubby little guy was fattening up for winter.

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  1. What a lovely day! I feel so blessed when wild animals feel safe enough in my presence not to run. I like to think its because they can sense that I mean them no harm. The Frenchman and I had a similar experience the other day with three ducks preened themselves and then proceeded to fall asleep. All while we sat not more than a foot away from them.

    Thanks for the book recommendation - I'll definitely check it out! The Frenchman and I definitely feel called to get more in touch and in tune with nature - feels like our souls are crying out for it.