Autumn, Fall

It's been cool but not really cold yet.  Most of the trees and shrubs here in north Colorado are in full color.  The ashes are golden yellow in the center and glowing maroon on the outer edges.  Maples are red maroon, burning bushes are crimson pinkish.  The locusts are bright yellow, the pines and firs look stunning against the brillant blue, clear, autum sky.  The agastache (hyssops) are blooming as are the last of the season's roses.  The honey bees are all over them as soon as it gets a little warm in the morning.  Raspberries are still ripening, although it's more slowly, the strawberries have tons of runners and the tomatoes have given up the ghost.  The currants I left are going down a robin's gullet.  He/she is here every year.  We think it's the same one because it doesn't fly anymore when we come out the door. There are pumpkins everywhere and the geese have been showing up in droves for a couple of months now.  My friend's horses, Cricket and Shooter, are shiny in places and furry with new winter coats in others. 

Day after tomorrow it's supposed to snow anywhere from 2-8" (weather forecasting isn't good here either). 


Burning bush

Our maple tree in the front yard

When the cholorphyll dies it lets other colors reflect

Hyssops smell somewhat like anise. 

Black currants we left for our 'pet' robin

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  1. Wonderful late autumn photos and your description reminded me of Mary Oliver's poetry. It's snowing hard here in Breckenridge as I write this - I imagine you got the storm, too.