We called her Sundog (among other things).  She loved to lie in the sun and would sit outside and bark if the sun went behind the clouds.  Her old bones hurt I suspect.  She blew out her knee a few years ago launching herself into her brother's cage to attack him. Her right front leg didn't sit in the socket well and she limped quite a bit.  Bulldogs are a genetic disaster.

She didn't mind begging for what she wanted and would throw out all the stops if she didn't get it right away. 

She hated turtles. She and Clyde spent a a lot of time in Florida turning them over and tormenting them.  Once she got heat stroke because she attacked a turtle in the sun and didn't have the sense to quit.  Part of her tongue was missing because she bit at an alligator turtle and it bit back.

She didn't trust men but would lean against them, wag her stubby tail and then SNAP when they reached to pet her. 

When they were puppies she would hide her chew bone then steal Clyde's and eat it. 

 As Leon once said, she had one cog in her brain and you had to wait for the cog to turn over before she could entertain another thought.  In other words, she was a little single minded at times.
She bit an electric fence in two so she could get to the water. 

She relied on Clyde to bark for her so she could be let inside or be let out.  He was always watching out for her.

She could rearrange her blankets in her cage for an hour.  Scritch, scritch, shuffle, shuffle, flip, flop. Lie down-not good enough-get back up scruff, push, wad.  Finally the snoring could commence.

One year for Halloween we dressed her up as a ballerina-Brett was right-she looked more like a drag queen.  The muscular shoulders looked hilarious with the pink tutu and feather paw wristlets.

I'd like to beleive Clyde misses her but the truth is I think he likes being the only dog in the house.  We miss her though....

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  1. What a sweet but sad story. She sounds like a terror - many good memories, I suspect! So hard to lose a beloved pet - they leave a big space when they're gone.