Small trek in the mountains

I 'hiked' (meaning I walked up a couple of hills and down a couple) today in the mountains. 

The small birds were chittering, a hawk called and there was a large bird soaring circles on the updrafts wayyy up high.  The sky was blue-blue with only a few clouds.  When I got down to the river there was still ice and snow but you could hear the gurgle of the water rushing underneath.  In a lower tone was a percolating sound of water bubbling up. 

The wind would blow every so often but then settle down to silence. I sat on a rock and took in the quiet and scenery.

I saw this print which doesn't look like the dog prints along the trail.  It was about 4" wide, going perpindicular to the trail (towards the water) and has no toenail marks.  Mountain lion?  And yes, I turned and looked behind me.

The thing at the bottome is a 16oz water bottle for comparison.


  1. A perfect blue sky day. Could be lion tracks esp with no nail marks. PS Having terrible trouble with word verification!

  2. Hi Barb,
    I disabled the word verification (I think). Let me know if you have more trouble.