Bumblebees and roses

The bumblebees are all over the roses. Along with the normal buzzzzz as they move from flower to flower there's a higher-pitched, shorter bizzzzz they give when they're collecting pollen. It's a happy sound.

My camera is only 4mp with very little zoom so I'm always glad to be able to get any kind of close-up even if the picture does look a little O'Keefe-ish.

The native bees and wasps, along with the honey bees, are scrambling to catch all the pollen and nectar they can before winter sets in. Haven't seen a hummingbird down this low yet but they'll be back through soon. We saw one in Estes park yesterday. It was feeding on a blossom with about 6 people standing within inches. One child had on a red shirt and ZIP, it turned, inspected his shirt, decided nectar wasn't available and ZIP, was gone. They're my favorite bird. I wish we had more of them down here in the foothills.

If you get a chance read Bernd Heinrich's Bumblebee Economics. There's lots of statistics but his love of nature shines through. My favorite book of his is A Year in the Maine Woods. It has the best description of the chemistry of bread making I've ever read. Baking bread seems to be hard but the chemical interactions seem simple when he explains it.

Well, from bees to bread, I better git. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

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