Dreary day and dang good reading

It's a gray day in Colorado.  Unusual but it's been hazy and cloudy and cool all day.  Not sure I could live where this is the norm instead of unusual.  I'm putting in a picture of a sunflower to remind Colorado of its reputation.

I just finished Blue Horizons by Beth A. Leonard.  She and her partner, Evans, have circumnavigated the world. Twice.  She had me at page one.  She's honest about relationships and giving up conveniences for the 'free' life.  Not everything is rosy but she loves what she does.  How wonderful for her to have found her bliss.  I'm not a sailor but her book is a must reading for anyone who wants to find out what you're made of and what you truly want.  If you sail and haven't read this you need to and if you don't sail and haven't read this you need to.  A thoroughly engaging book.

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  1. I made some last week to take to Florida. It was great! I included the super foods Gogi berries and M&M's...oh wait I need to do a little research on the second one. I am going to send away for some Cacoa Nibs and add the nibs and Coconut to the next batch. Also, I'm going to try to grow my own Gogi berries. Apparently they grow anywhere in any soil. You just rip the dried berry in half and put it in soil. .... Leigh