Homemade granola and an unhappy dog

Last week I made granola.  There is a recipe but it's VERY loosely followed so I'm just going to give you the ingredients and let you play. 

I use: (in no particular order)
Real oats (not quick or instant- they're too 'dusty' and leave a lot of waste) ~6 c.
Vanilla ~ 2T
Olive oil ~ 1/4c.
Honey (thanks Mr. Jordan!) ~ 1/4c.
Molasses ~ 1/4c.
Brown sugar ~ 1/4c.
Almonds ~1-2 c.
Pecans~ 1-2 c. (we like lots)
Sometimes a 1/4 c. wheat germ

Mix this with your hands to coat everything with the oil, sugars and vanilla
Spread on a large cookie sheet and bake at 350 deg. for about 40 min.  I keep a close eye on it because once it starts browning it goes quickly.

Brown a package of coconut (I've used both sweetened and natural-  to me the natural wide cut has more coconut flavor).

When the granold cools add any or all of :
Dried blueberries
Dried cranberries
Chopped figs
Chopped dates
and the coconut
If you want you can also add M&M's  ;-)

Package in quart or sandwich size bags and enjoy!

The dogs have been banned from upstairs because Abby feels it's too much trouble to go downstairs, outside to pee.  She's not happy.  She sits in front of the stairs with her ears back. Sulking.  Too bad, Little Brown Round.

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  1. This looks good--thanks.

    I've never tried making my own granola, but I think I could handle this ;)