Work (and snow)

I work at a small hospital.  Only 13 beds.  I love the job and it's great to be somewhere so small.  I get to do lots of different things...wound dressing changes, ER, post surgical care.  The other nurses are helpful and great to deal with.  The CNA's are some of the best I've worked with.  A few pictures (on a COLD day).

The front entrance.  To the left is a family clinic.  To the right is the adminstrative offices and the hospital wing.

The hospital wing.  The ER is behind this wing.  Sorry for the light pole in the middle of the picture.  It was too cold to get the perfect picture!

Not much.  Just an interior hallway.  At the end is the nurses station and the OB doors.

Some of winter is beautiful.

The blue and gold spot is where the helicopter lands to transport patients out if another hospital can help them better than us.

I'm assuming this picnic area will be more comfortable in the spring and summer....

There's a small creek behind the ER.  Any water in Colorado is for personal or agricultural use.  This is probably an irrigation ditch that waters the field across the street.

You've heard of roses in the snow?  These were blooming when the early snows started.

Have a great day!

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  1. For some reason I thought it was like Doctor Quinn out there. A few log buildings and really good-looking long-haired men. Oh well....no log buildings, but how are the men?