North Sterling State Park

Clyde and I went up to the park this afternoon.  The wind wasn't blowing for once and except for the whish of a few bird wings and prairie dog squeaks there was no noise.  I could hear the blood rushing in my ears it was so quiet.  Except for a pickup on the lower campground we had the place to ourselves. 

The park is around a reservoir.  It has a few trails and picnic areas and a couple of campgrounds.  There's a swimming area and people boat on the lake.  Earlier in the summer I saw fish jumping but I don't know what kind they are.  If you were in the south they were jumping like mullet.

There are teasel bushes. 

And yucca plants.

This is a view northwest.  The reservoir sits up higher than the surrounding countryside.  There is a LOT of empty open space around.

In the mid-late winter the lake freezes over. 

The white spikes on the horizon are power generating windmills.  Up close they're HUGE.  They rotate to catch the best wind amount.  If the wind gets too high they have to shut them down because the tips go supersonic and it destroys the blades.

I was hoping you could see the cottontail hiding in this bush but he's very well hidden....

Deer tracks.

A bulldog sitting in the front seat making sure I haven't left him.

Between the lower and second strand of barbed wire a prairie dog tail sticking up.
The End. 

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