I went to some friends house for Thanksgiving.  She's from Ecuador and he's from Puerto Rico so the meal was an interesting mixture.  Besides the very gracious company the food was great.  We had turkey with garlic, cumin, black pepper and adobo seasoning.  There was a cold side dish of corn, mushrooms, celery and carrots.  Another of rice and red beans.  Sauce for the turkey was a prune sauce (don't snort- it was good!).  Corn meal fritters with 'red sauce'.  Fried plantain and garlic balls.  And THE BEST eggnog I've ever had.  I don't like eggnog but this stuff was heaven.  I'm getting the recipe so you can just be jealous.  It was a concoction of rum, sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, cinnamon, evaporated milk.  The ingredients may sound a little iffy but it was wonderful!

Clyde went with me but had to ride in the front seat because I was delivering a loom to a friend of mine.

This is Clyde when he has to ride in the front seat and he isn't happy about it.  For two hours (until I could drop off the loom) I rode with a dog's behind pointed at me.  Just in case you didn't know, bulldogs are notoriously gassy......

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of good company and good food!

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