Christmas on the Plains

Christmas here on the plains is a BIG thing.  Halloween is too, but most of those decorations don't involve thousands of lights.

These two pictures are of the Logan County Courthouse.  Coming home from work one night, I came over the bridge and there was this multicolored Taj-Mahal to the west.  I asked around and Logan is known for its beautifully decorated courthouse.

Even the tiny towns have Christmas decorations hanging.  The town where I work has strings of lights about every 100' on Main St.  The main drag through town is only about 3 blocks long, but you bet it's bright!

Almost every little house has some lights and even houses that look pretty non-descript in the daytime are covered with Christmas, Disney, animal, snow scenes OR just tons of lights.

Sterling has a lot of trees downtown with 'tree cozies'.  They're crocheted or knitted trunk covers and the people vote for their favorite.  I'll put some of those and the house pictures up soon.


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