What I've Been Reading

I found this that I'd written a while back...

Bright Hair About the Bone a novel by Barbara Cleverly

Prior to Chrisianity there were religions that revered female deities and the female role in humankind's spiritual life. Mary, mother of Jesus, is an ever-present symbol in Catholicism. But, I digress....

There have been rumors that after Jesus' ascension Mary Magdalene was forced to flee and went to France. Using this rumor, this book takes a strong-willed young woman, an 'older' man in need of psycological rebirth, a Count, a secret society that manipulates world wars, a murdered uncle, the Celts and their ancient priestesses, Mary Magdalene and a French archeological treasure trove and wraps them up in suspense and surprises. No one, save the heroine, Letty is who or what they seem. It was intriguing and action packed enough to keep me going, I'll read more of her novels.

Fetching Dylan by Stephen Foster

This is the second book by a man who adopted one cross-breed Saluki (see his book, Walking Ollie) and for the love of this dog adopts a companion for him, Dylan. Dylan is young, active, headstrong, and NOT, as the author had hoped, Ollie's little brother. Oh wait! Actually he is, since Ollie pretty much ignores him, slaps him around (dogwise) and occasionally, rarely, appears to like him. I admired his persistence in trying to train these dogs. Since we have two English Bulldogs that obey when and if they please, hate other dogs, cats, bicycles, lawn mowers and each other, I understood perfectly his need to learn to control them and his wish to have two loving, agreeable companions. It hasn't worked for us either. And, like us, he hasn't given up. It's a short read and I'll get the first book to finish laying the groundwork on Ollie and Dylan.