The more things change.....or not.

So, a month ago we bought a motorhome.  The comfort factor is becoming more important in 'middle' age (arggh, I hate that phrase! but I haven't come up with anything better).  We love to be outdoors and camp but as I've stated before our camping karma sucks.  Bigtime.  It either rains or snows or is hot as hell.  Or all three.  Aaannyway we bought a used motorhome.  Class A gas sucker but in good condition. 

My two requirements were satisfied, the bed was in the middle of the bedroom (not crammed in a corner) and the roof didn't leak.  Brett's requirements were satisfied, the engine was vroom,vroom with a Banks system..(I don't know either, apparently in the engine world it's cool.). 

Our first trip was short, just to try things out and see if we'd bought a lemon.  We went up to Estes Park on Father's Day weekend.  June.  Supposed to be hot and summery.  We had to turn the heater on and it rained.  Twice. 

Our second trip was down to Colorado Springs at Pikes Peak International Raceway.  It was hot, BUT we had an air conditioner to cool off.  It came a hail storm and a lightning storm and a rain storm.  Lightning struck the motorhome next to us (we were going to park there...whew!) and quarter size hail fell.  I watched two tents come loose from their tie-downs and flap in the wind. 

All of this is just to say that our camping karma still sucks.  Bigtime.  BUT we have better digs.  It's nice to be comfortable.  Old age has its benefits.

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