Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime

Lily and I were in Oldtown Ft. Collins a few weeks back.  "They" have several old upright pianos scattered around town that you can sit down and play. They're in tune and as the sign on this one says, "It's okay to play."  Whoever you are and however well you play.  This little guy ran over, climbed up and started pounding away.  He had a blast and so did we!  A little later a young 20something guy came up with two of his buddies, sat down, and played beautifully.  Soon another younger guy came up and played.  He too was great.  They never met anyone's gaze as the group nearby clapped but just got up and wandered on about their business.  Their mothers who made them take piano lessons would be proud. 

In the same area as the piano there is a little water park for the children to play.  Water shoots up from spouts in the ground, some shoot straight up and others shoot across the pavers to splash on large boulders.  It intrigues young and old alike.

While watching the children play, I noticed something.  All of them had three reactions to the water,  first they reached out to touch it, then  they clapped their hands in it and next they tried to stomp it.  A few looked down into the drain the water came out of and we held our breath waiting for them to get splooshed in the face.

A husky (or a malmute- I can never remember which is which) came  by with his owners, stopped in his tracks when he saw the water coming out of the ground, tried to bite the water and then looked down the hole for a minute.  When no more water came out he trotted off, bored with the game.

Some children ran squealing from spout to spout, always juusst missing the water.  It didn't seem to dampen their fun.

This little guy wasn't giving up his binkie just for some water.

A good time was had by all.