Off to see the girlfriends

A view looking north (I think)
Last week I had a few days off and went over the mountains to see some friends.  Denece and I went to nursing school together.  She went with Brett and Terri and me last year to New Zealand. This year she, Terri, and I are going to Tuscany and Umbria for two weeks.  More on that later.

Sheri and I have been friends since 7th grade so always have a lot to catch up on.

The first part of the trip was with Denece and we ate at Porterbellies in Grand Junction  then went shopping at the stores in downtown Grand Jct.  I bought some yarn I didn't need and a basket kit (ditto).  At Porterbellies we had the.best.cinnamon.rolls I've ever had.  She called them baked cocaine and she wasn't far off.  The next day we hiked Mica Mine trail, a 2.5 mile round trip.  Denece's friend
What the mining was all about-mica
Paige was with us and I was
Me at the end of the trail.  It was quiet and pretty
 worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up.  Either they took pity on me or else I done good because the only time I had to stop was up the last hill on the way back.  You know how it is...if you go down at first you have to come up at the last.  Ugh.  It was a fairly easy hike and we were the only ones on the trail at first.

It winds around through brush and along what is probably normally a stream.  At the end is rock canyon walls with blast marks and drill holes where they mined the mica.  All the trees are leafed out and Indian paintbrush was blooming.

The moon hadn't set yet and was a classic scene over the rocks to the west.  The colors in the morning light glowed shiny gray-blue mica; red, yellow sandstone and milky-white quartz.

Back at Denece's she fixed breakfast burritos and we chatted until Paige had to leave, then D and I went to Grand Jct and shopped at little.

Next day I stopped by Sheri's in Colbran.  I took part of the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway to get there and loved some of the views.  I have pics on my phone (because my camera battery died) that I'll try to get on here later.

Sheri taught herself to spin and does a great job.  We hung out and yapped and drove around to see the sights.  The valley is full of farms and small houses and is very picturesque.

There are lots of stacked stone entrances to driveways that were done by a Mexican man that lived

My co-hikers Paige (l) and my friend from nursing school Denece
in the area.  They're very evenly built with tapered sides and tight fitting rocks.  Truly a master at work.

Time was up and although sad to leave, I was glad to get back home to Brett and our new dog, Tonka.  He's next on the list for pics on the blog. ;)


  1. I like this area you hiked - I enjoy visiting Grand Junction too. Some of the sculptures in Old Town are wonderful. Have you ever hiked in the National Monument? It's lovely there in the spring. Tonka? I'm thinking another Bulldog!

  2. I think this happened to me once before on your blog - there is no place I can find to comment on the Tonka post. I just wanted to tell you I love his markings - he has a face meant for squeezing and loving!

  3. Sorry, but I can't find where to comment on your current post. Just wanted to say welcome back. Sounds like you had a great vacation with friends. If I'm missing the place to comment write and tell me please!