He's a ball playing machine
A few weeks ago while checking Colorado Bulldog Rescue, I saw a gorgeous bulldog for rescue.  Brett wasn't quite ready yet so we waited. When he was still there two weeks later we contacted the owner and told her we were interested.

She'd had 35 inquiries but was looking for just the right home for him.  He wasn't mistreated at all but as much as they loved him, she was allergic to him and family finances were strained trying to take care of a bulldog.  Someone was to pick him up Sat.  Sigh.

Wednesday she texted me and said the person had pulled out and were we still interested.  Yep, we were!

We went to get him the next day.  He is in great shape with only normal bulldog problems.  He's well mannered (except for a small ummm well ummm humping tendency).  We're working on that.  Otherwise he's great.

My ball rolled off the porch
Our vet gave his ok and next week he'll be neutered, an eyelid fixed and maybe some soft palate work to help him breathe better.

It's nice to have a dog around....